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6 Laundry Myths You Were Wrong About


Doing your laundry isn’t necessary difficult. However, it can get a lot messy if you have the
wrong notions. Laundry myths have led to terrible disasters if one were truly aware of the
facts from the myths. Here are some of the myths busted for you!

Myth #1 – Using hot water for laundry kills germs

The use of hot water for killing germs is a myth through and through. Disinfectants such as Bacteriostatic Compound, chlorine bleach, and similar products are essential when doing laundry in order to kill the bacteria and germs.

Myth #2 – Using more detergent gives you cleaner clothes

Many people are of the belief that using more detergent makes clothes cleaner than they would be when using less. However, this is completely untrue. Instead, the more the suds, the higher the chances of dirt being deposited back into your clothes. Using the amount of detergent mentioned in the ‘directions to use’ or a little less than that can do the trick as well!

Myth #3 – Hair spray can remove ink stains

While this myth held true many decades ago, one cannot count this as a way to deal with ink stains anymore. This is due to the fact that hairsprays in the early decades had alcohol among their many ingredients that worked to get the stain out of the clothes. And while this worked for people back then, the content of the hairsprays lately vastly differ, making this a myth today.

Myth #4 – Your machines need no washing

If you thought your machine needs no washing just because it is made to do the washing itself, you are terribly wrong! Ever noticed the odour emitting from your machine over time. Ensuring that you set a wash program just to get rid of the odour-causing bacteria frequently will also ensure that your clothes are cleaned efficiently.

Myth #5 – Dry cleaning makes no use of fluids

This is definitely a myth that many people genuinely believe. While there is no water used while dry-cleaning clothes, the process makes use of other fluids essential in cleaning the fabric.

Myth #6 – Dryer lint needn’t be emptied after every wash

Here’s another mistake that many people commit – not emptying the dryer lint filter. Taking it for granted can cause you to spend a great deal due to high energy bills, excessive lint on all of your clothes, longer time to have the clothes dried, and even a fire in your laundry room!

While these busted myths are sure to help people in their efforts to do their laundry with a much clearer perspective, choosing a good laundry service in Mumbai is sure to be a more comfortable choice in terms of saving time as well as effort.

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