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If there was one key thing my parents taught me while growing up was, to Care for Each other in our family and be compassionate to other people.

When we set up shops back in 2015, this was one of the main values that we would drive us as a team. Simply, care for each other.

Caring can have many faces in our daily lives. But here at Phoenix Laundry- the School of Caring, Caring is given a whole new meaning. Each day we come here to hone our skills of Caring. First is obviously caring for our work.  Whether it be an Admin manager, a pressman, a machine operator, an accountant, a sales executive or anyone in the Phoenix Laundry. Each one of us undertakes our job with thorough rigour and dedication, deeply caring for Each and Everything we do.

Then our most important assets in the Company, our  People themselves, are cared for every single day. And you know what happens to things that are well cared for?? Well, they last!!

Finally, the very reason our business exists, our customers and their garments care for every which way possible. The way we collect and inspect their garments, to our thorough inspection by the Laundry Manager, by ensuring right precautions are taken, by providing a hassle-free experience for our customer we ensure, all of them are cared for, each and every day. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to join the Phoenix Laundry??
Find out here:

Soon we will be launching the Bus of Joy!! And what is it you ask?? Well, just that…A Bus of Joy…stay tuned!! 

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