Phoenix Cleanroom

Phoenix Cleanroom

First time in India, to fill the need for aseptic laundering of garments used in cleanrooms / controlled environments,
which is a unique and specialized service.

Our largest customer segment is medical followed by biotech, pharmaceutical, compounding pharmacies, semiconductor, flex circuit, wafer and chip manufacturing, universities, and aviation companies.

Phoenix Laundry also services all industrial laundry needs including lab coats, uniforms, mats, towels, mops, and flame resistant (FR) apparel. We offer a complete approach to answer all of your laundering needs,FOR HOSPITALS , clinics and all kinds of sanitary establishments that comply with the strictest hygienic standards and regulations we offer a wide range of special laundry equipment from washer extractors with sanitary barriers to hospital-type batch washers.

These laundry equipment have been designed to meet the washing needs for these kinds of institutions assuring the strictest hygiene conditions.

Welcome to Phoenix Clean Room

An unique service provider within the Clean Room industry.


Phoenix have the quality, skills and knowledge to provide a best-in-class clean room laundry service unmatched in the local marketplace.

Workwear for pharmaceutical, medical and food sectors need specialist garments requiring bespoke cleaning treatments. Garments must be systematically and hygienically processed in strictly controlled contaminated and sterile areas ensuring that all trace of foreign bodies and micro biological contaminations are completely removed safely and effectively.

Our premium clean room laundry service allows you to operate with confidence with a certified supply chain.

With physical barriers between contaminated and sterile areas, fully audited double thermal disinfection points and restricted access controls on all entry and exit points and airlocked dispatch - facilities are fully certified to international standards. All operators adhere to stringent hygiene regimes and undergo qualified food hygiene training.


High quality and reliable service
Competitive prices
Prompt delivery and collection
Specialized processing of lint-free, anti-static laundry in a Clean Room Environment
Suppliers of lint-free, anti-static clean room garments
Clean-down and decontamination/disinfection/sanitation service.
A training program for clean room personnel.
Plant Designing and Commissioning
Plant Management

Phoenix Clean ROOM specializes in the specific requirements for laundry of clean room and controlled environment garments, ensuring that the customer’s environment is not compromised by non-conforming garments. Laundry of clean room garments requires stringent techniques and controls with regards to the laundry environment, particularly concerning the control of contamination and particles.

Laundry services in a clean, non-classified environment.
All laundry is segregated and controlled specifically according to customer, ensuring that individual customer garments are always laundered separately, and ther is no chance of any cross-contamination.
Customers have the assurance that their own laundry will always be returned to them, and that they will not experience the loss of any laundry items. Nor will they encounter any strange or stray items of an unknown source among their laundry!
Laundry is collected from and delivered to Customers’ premises in accordance with the Customer’s weekly laundry requirements.

If you live in or around the cities of Mumbai, Thane or Pune, you can take advantage of the speedy pick up and delivery services the company offers.

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