Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

Sofa, Curtain & Carpet Cleaning Service

The carpets in your home should be enjoyed, but if your carpets do not undergo regular cleanings enjoying them can be uncomfortable and even unhealthy. Our service not only helps keep your carpets looking like new, but also removes dust mites and other allergens that can adversely affect indoor air quality

Phoenix Laundry uses eco friendly and safe chemical cleaning products and latest dry cleaning technology to deliver excellent cleaning results, without damaging your Sofa, Curtains and Carpets.

Our process will not leave behind traces of chemical residues after the treatment.

With our cleaning services, you can maintain the beauty and comfort of your quality sofa, dining chairs, and other upholstered furnishings that require professional cleaning.

Benefits of Phoenix Laundry


No Damage
Eco friendly & safe chemicals
No chemical traces / residue
High value insurance available


No Drying Time Needed

Our Indoor Hygiene Specialists would come to your premise, equipped with all the necessary system and products to clean your upholstery set. Phoenix Laundry’s chemical safe upholstery cleaning technology cleans upholstery using dry shampoo encapsulation method that can effectively remove embedded dirt, dust using minimal drying time, depending on the soling condition of the upholstery

This means, you can sit on your cleaned upholsteries almost immediately after cleaning service is completed. Totally convenient! No fuss at all!

No Fabric Shrinkage

Our low moisture upholstery cleaning service treatment does not cause cleaned fabric from shrinking, a common problem typically occurs after a wet cleaning treatment on some types of fabric upholsteries that has not gone through fabric treatment during manufacturing.

If you live in or around the cities of Mumbai, Thane or Pune, you can take advantage of the speedy pick up and delivery services the company offers.

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